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Recruiters in printing, The John Lawrence Group in Franklin, Michigan, helps printers find the right candidate with our specialized employee search services. In our years of assisting companies in the printing industry, we have always believed that search and recruitment is a process based on one simple philosophy-find professionals with proven records of outstanding achievement who are capable of unparalleled performance.

Extensive Network

We employ a vast network of contacts, individuals who are at the forefront of the industry, to match you with qualified candidates. Our trusted sources help us identify, reference, and appraise talent. A powerful combination of an excellent research staff and a database composed of field-specific professionals allows you the opportunity to fulfill complex search assignments that reach out to every corner of the country.

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Nurturing Development

Your company's growth depends on the ongoing attainment of highly qualified talent. We work hard to maintain a long-term relationship with your company so you may continue to have access to a top-notch staffing network. Working with us means you are fulfilling your company's current needs and strengthening
its future.

Contact us and let our employee search network find that hard-to-find professional at record speed.